Inner Grace

The Power of Grace A higher power can be an interior dimension of psyche, transcendent it's beyond what ego can muster or master. The transcendent is the more that cannot be grasped by intelligence, only by experience. It can be felt truly, but not fully understood the awe felt in nature.*

My greatest task is to change within, I call it Inner Grace (IG). Grace is about being, not about becoming; not just human doings, we are human beings; beholding, rather than holding, like stargazing on a clear night. Accept the mystery with equanimity treating every curse as a blessings.

Inner Grace is a phenomenon beyond the ordinary. It leads us into a sense of divine higher presence in which we are liberated and unified. Yet we must access this selfless higher platform by cultivating the connection to our own higher self. We must go beyond these words and actualize an expanded spirit of possibility.

Grace is resilient, sincere and heartfelt. It is cultivated by good will, appreciation, and mindfulness. When there is compassion, calmness, kindness, generosity, respect, and other virtuous states, grace tends to be close by.

Then just looking at the Milky Way or Northern Lights can bring awe, wonder, and flow beyond description, and we are elevated and evolved by this wise inner Play. Inner Grace frees us from the chains of ego-identification. Imperfection and inadequacy are no longer curses, rather they become loving blessings.

The IG equation is like this: Equanimity plus Acceptance = Freedom. We treat those impostors, losing and winning, equally when we become liberated. It is like the rainbow that happens after a storm.

Inner Grace provides a peak experience to celebrate that there is heaven right now on earth. May I constantly engage in the joy and benefits of Inner Grace! * The Power of Grace- David Richo, Shamabhala Press, 2014

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