Thoreau once said that your formal education begins when your formal education ends. Presently, it is graduation time and learning never ends.

In Wise Up, Guy Claxton explores the challenges of life long education. He addresses the problem of ability tests. They do not reflect well on creative and practical learners because these exams do not test their full abilities. Unfortunately certain learners do not measure up since present testing is addressing a very limited area of intelligence. Yes tests show people's analytical, and retentive skills. However, those with practical and creative gifts such as translating theory into practice or generating a theory of their own are not given credit. Present IQ testing does not fully measure intelligence or a person's qualities, attributes and achievements. Also emotional intelligence is not acknowledged.

Good learners show emotional tolerance and follow the 3 R’s: Resilience; Resourcefulness; and Reflectiveness.

Caroll Dweck, at Columbia Universtiy, found that those who a resilent succeed, since they overcame struggles and adversity. It does not bother them as less successful students. They have a idea of learning as expandable and a real possibility to invest more effort in their studies.

Using what is available and being ingenious with whatever tools are present is certainly what elevates us from other animals and from each other. Such resourcefulness is developed and employed by such learners.

Reflectiveness is an internal awareness of what is happening. An understanding of presence or mindfulness.

Life long learning is about an emotional maturity where the learner wisely becomes more resilient, resourceful and reflective. Overcoming adversity, being ingenious, and mindful result in a richer and more aware being. Continuing education constantly raises our potential, purpose and possibilities.

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