3 Other Re Prefixs

For years I have worked under the name Recover Enterprise or Re. Now I have shifted my name to Re-gain. Re is a wonderful prefix transforming new life from defunct ways. I believe the secret of life is bringing a different perspective or transmuting our expressions for the better. Renew, refresh, reclaim, restore, return, recover, revitalize, rejuvenate, revive, reuse, recreate, rediscover and on and on. Such words inspire us to reexamine our process and what we wish to accomplish in our lives. Re-gain is all about a applying the 3’Re’s - Relax, Reframe and Rejoice! Relax- Let go of expectations, outcome and any need to control Reframe- Get small so to see what is big. Change your perspective with humility, kindness and patience to see the all sides of whatever comes up. The less it is about the “me” and the more about the “we”, the better. Humbly awaken with a higher or more unified perspective. Rejoice- celebrate what you can learn. Every moment is a teachable experience to listen, learn and show our gratitude from this experience. Now there are 5 great ways to feel more alive and well: 1) Be present. Immediately exercise your greatest gift, to simply find joy all that is by just being. Use what you have here and now with creativity and ingenuity. Focus on “newness.”overcoming any greed of “moreness”or arrogance of "otherness". 2) Let go! Begin fresh with nothingness. Everything you need is here. Listen deeply or exercise your “hereness. Less grasping and clinging liberates our greater well being. Unconditional surrender lessens painful circumstances by becoming still. 3) Balance! Good, and bad go back and forth. All things balance through their opposite forces, winning and loss, fear and love, all these extremes balance in some middle way. Accepting these polar differences is our life’s lesson. 4) Be With. Greet and embrace both disaster and triumph as identical twins. The more can show up to behold our most negative emotions the greater happiness we may discover. Less resistance equates to monumental stress reduction. 5) Heartfelt. Quieting your mind and open yur heart. What has heart and feel the earth. Focus on awakening to treat all things as sacred. People, places and things all interconnect since earth and heart have all exact same letters. I challenge you to Re-gain by seeing the benefits of the 3 R's- Relax, Reframe and Rejoice. Being present, letting go, balancing, being with and showing heart compliment the 3'Rs, giving us greater well being and prosperity!

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