Spring Into Being

Re-gain the birth of Spring similar to the dawn of a new day. It invites fresh and vibrant possibilities, purpose, and potential.

Re-gain celebrates being without being so caught up with doing. It takes a courage to explore this human being-ness. However, I never know when my last moment will be. Why not live my life as if every moment may be my last? Not morbid yet fully celebrate my very being, awake, accepting to whatever comes my way. Otherwise my anxiety of being may stimulates greater fear and negative states of being. Re-gain allows me to spring into being.

I can be filled with joy, presence and possibility or I can be sad, absent and stuck in the past. Breaking from my past negative messages I can reframe my fears into the gifts to be fully heartful. Once I quiet my mind, I can be fully present and attentive to my heart.

How can I best cultivate a peaceful and free way of being? Show the greatest form of self love where I embody grace, wise response allowing moment to moment awareness to be my guide.

Listening to my body I find my inner truth. What has heart and meaning comes from me exploring discerning my fears and shadows. Embracing them I find that home is right where my heart is. All things are sacred if only I can remember to arrive back here and now.

It is time for me to let go of old wiring that I am not enough. For me to fully be I must walk new mental paths to promote grace. Remember that to move in peace, love, and unity. To fully be myself I must expand my frequency of possibility with light and compassion.

I no longer doubt, I am a Spring day with unlimited possibilities, purpose and potential. Waiting I find greater harmony just being one. Since all things are connected I can best serve by just being and allow my wellness to flourish. Spring into being so to give and receive the best this world offers right now.

May I/we be fearless, joyful and peaceful. Fully enthusiastic, may my/our heart I/we be happy, free and well!

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