Contemplating the 3 P's

There is a timeless way to increase my well being focusing on the 3P's. Contemplating how I find greater possibility, purpose and potential is a priceless exercise. By being more fully present I expand my consciousness of what is possible. There is no better place to find purpose then the "here and now." And yes, our greater potential is available when we pay increased attention to the intention of our greater potential. Meditation is a practice of being in the now or tapping “Here-ness”. This is about not going from there to here rather, here to here. There are diverse ways to meditate whether sitting, walking, standing, and other techniques to achieve this hightened state of awareness. It also allows me not to become so identified by my thoughts and emotions. When I quiet my mind, and listen to my body I cultivate a priceless experience. I arrive at this state of being in the present instead of the past or future. When I focus on what is happening now and observe what happens next I can best go forth. Setting the intention to pay attention to whatever is true in the moment is what meditation is about. Meditation can be also may be practiced lying down, speaking and whatever activity that allows me to more fully awake and aware. I meditate to expand my 3 P's. It can begin by just a simple blessing, "May I be filled with peace, love and joy. May all beings be filled with peace, love and joy. May I become free. May all beings become free." Also I may find greater stillness if I just focus on how grateful I am. Contemplating on what I appreciate allows me a safe foundation to better explore. For example what and how I identify with my mental and emotional phenomenon becomes better understood through this activity. The more I approach meditating with a sense of genuine inquiry, the easier I can cultivate this state of deeper attention.

Meditation can help me calm my mind if I allow myself not to be identified by my crazy thoughts. Especially when I become more gentle and friendly I observe more clearly the nature of my mental, emotional and physical activities. This clarity comes when I judge less thus increasing the nature of “being” is fostered. This “re-bodying" is to use sensation to ground your attention (the word “remember” it becomes “re-member”, to once again become a member of yourself). Experience is fundamental to investiage possibility, purpose and potential. Whatever comes up for me must be greeted with impartially since any avoidance or aversion I have prevents me from showing up to what is present. Also letting go to what arises and giving permission to whatever comes up can future cultivate this experience. As I become more openhearted and sincere, I increased this awakening process resulting in greater wholeness and freedom. When I become more gentle, loving and friendly to what arises; be it pleasant sensations or fear, peacefulness or confusion then I can fully dwell in the moment. I meditate to cultivate compassion, friendliness and kindness regarding the life within and around me. For example just deeply listening brings tremendous benefits to me. I establish a place, time for this daily ritual. Sometimes I will sit a few times per day and even take short pauses to provide momentum and continuity to my practice. I may practice waiting in an office or whenever the opportunity arises. The more and regular I meditate, the better. Also creating various places to practice I reinforce to pause, relax, and open or whatever form being here and now when it best works for me even if it is less than a minute just to observe simply being.

A constant intention of mine is to let go. I take several full deep breaths, and with each exhale, consciously let go, relaxing my face, shoulders, hands, and stomach area. Or, I may begin with a body scan: start at my scalp and move my attention slowly downward, methodically relaxing and softening each part of my body. Consciously releasing my body tension helps me open to whatever arises during my meditation.

I begin my sit by connecting in a sincere way with my heart’s aspiration. Sometimes I may make a prayer that dedicates my practice to our freedom, and benefit to all beings. Alert, upright, tall and in a balanced position increases my possibilites to be a human being not a human doing. A sense of openness and receptivity adds to a me finding a greater purpose. Letting my hands rest comfortably and closing my eyes I find higher potential and freedom. From loss I re-gain, thus I re-frame my stress. This opens the door to our greater peace, love and joy. Such "Here-ness" illuminates and elevates my/our 3 P's - possibility, purpose and potential.

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