The Power of the Prefix Re-

The prefix of most words with Re-transforms my world. This prefix refreshes my perspective. I find greater wonders when I re-wire my brain. Simply when I change my outlook when I remember and exercise renewed awareness. With this widening circle of consciousness I reclaim greater prosperity in my life. Changing my way I reference or refer to things re-enhances my entire well-being. Re-shifting my mind and I reopen the doors to a fresh fantastic new adventure.

Re-forming my emotional baggage such as worry, anxiety and other fear based feelings gets me to relearn to see the positive from the negative. I can observe what is going on instead adding my own drama to my immediate reality. First I need to re-cognize I have a choice to re-awaken. What lens do I wish to see things. My old story which is like I am looking through a dirty window. When I open to new experience then I activate my well being. Years ago I shared with a therapist my feelings of anxious energy and how I felt like a buzzing fluorescent light bulb. It has taken me many years to rediscover this feeling is my life force or chi energy.

The difference is how I choose to perceive and look at my current circumstances Is filled with Velcro for the bad and Teflon for the good or vice versa? I can re-format my brain just as I can take the remote and change the T.V. channel.

When I re-awaken I enjoy greater freedom. Fully arriving or re-experience I can rejoice at whatever arises whether it is a blessing, or a curse. Upon this re-examination I may find greater balance from these events. I also can honestly reconsider how I feel, when I respond versus when I react.

I can respond by pausing and reflect the cause and effect of what I do. When a react I fell less like an actor or more like I am mindlessly a reactor. Reawakening to face the consequences of reacting I fell less present in my reactions. Responding I feel more responsible and thus more aware and liberated by my actions.

We live in times filled with escalating anxiety and worry. However, I can re-new my energy and reclaim new Chi. When I reframe my thoughts with the power of focusing on my specific intentions I reclaim this loss Chi. Releasing myself from many of my negative mind-sets I let go of much darkness. Now I can re-light my ultimate potential with less stress and more well-being. The magic of re-awakening with Re- stimulates new possibility and potential.

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