Re-light Your Higher Potential

Re-light is about finding our higher potential. Not being afraid to go beyond what is normal however venture in the non ordinary. By becoming less dense I may bring light to whatever happens this allows me to kindly observe what new possibility may arise.

Re-lighting allow me to realize the "here and now" and not slip into future or past references so I can arrive in the present moment. This “newness” opens the door to new creative possibility to see with a new perspective any given experience.

Re-lightening also balances me to not see things so heavy and dense yet with a weightlessness and sense of buoyancy. In turn I become more relaxed and excel whatever I am performing for.

Even in my darkest moments a light shines if I am observant. Re-lighting better aligns me with opportunities in any given crisis or conflict I come up against. Finally such lightness reminds me that when I lessen my inner resistance I can touch greater freedom by an illuminating my beliefs.

Re-lighting celebrates my virtues and liberates self-punishment when I silence my inner self talk. Again this flame of concentration ignites any hindering thoughts.

Re-lighting is about realigning my physical and mental postures to invite a more tranquil flow that provide me alter quality of attention. This flow is a synchronized mind/body practice. This comes from a roundness of remembering I am the earth. This unifying insight of no separation translates in the realization of oneness of all things. Observing the sacred interconnection of all things brings me harmony.

When my heart awakens this liberates me to a fearlessness beyond my deepest phobias. Both a soft and tender expansive quality emerges within me as I gently experience a profound heartfelt shift.

Re-lighting this “hereness" reminds me of my constant journey and to ignore external outcome so to further cultivate my genuine being. Such letting go of any personal agenda I minimize distractions cause by my lower self. Cultivating this inner brilliance happens when I fully let go. No clinging or grasping just radiating simple loving presence without any possessiveness. This delightful state of compassion skillfully balances any sorrow with joy. As I re-light my internal baggage and ignore my ego I truly free myself to celebrate my greater and more unified self.

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