Finding Your Higher Purpose

A wise men makes more opportunities than he finds - F Bacon

To achieve my higher purpose requires me a very deep form of listening. This journey is all about quieting my mind and listening to my heart. For me giving my best to the world is a gift that is return in what I call "Happy Returns." I have been involved with all aspects of recycling so naturally I refer to the three R’s for guidance.

1) Reduce my suffering by giving my best to the world so to reap its rewards. 2) Reuse my many strengths such as joy, love and enthusiasm. 3) Recycle things with purpose and fully using what is here and now.

Happy Returns is about creating an attitude of gratitude. Also it aids me to explore more creative ways to cherish people, energy and resources. To find my greater purpose. I must cultivate my virtue, time and or my talents. I intend get more than just the return on my investment but the return of my life investment.

As a lifelong tennis player and teacher I focus on giving "happy returns" both on and off the courts. There are many similarities to playing tennis and serving our beloved earth. One is keeping things in play. Another is to learn how to better serve. The ultimate game in my life now is living to my full potential or giving my best in all aspects of my life.

May I be fearless enough to venture to the next level to go beyond my old patterns that detains me from my higher calling. Ignoring my negative self talk and past delusions may I attract new opportunities and be of greater service.

I visualize the stars above are melting my icy doubt into new drops of water further changing into a rainbow mist of new possibilities. Born is attention to "excel" awakening my spirit to an inspired, life-changing, focused awakening. Beyond the mundane, dull, lethargic, mind state to "observe" how my body/mind sensations may let go of my negative unconscious energy. so to now to dazzle. My losses become transmuted into gains only when I realize their lessons as I mentally shifted from my limbic system to my frontal cortex. I liberate my soul from much of my reptilian mental baggage. A dazzling shooting star of vibrancy comes out of my heart. May I go to the next level of my potential. Reduce my suffering; reuse my gratitude; and recycle all that I can so to better serve.

No one’s destiny has been written. You are born with potential, not a limited destiny. Whether or not you reach the fullest potential that is available to you is a matter of choices that you make.

-Gary Zukav

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