Aspiring for Higher Possibilities

By expanding my communication and social skills, I can explore humorous and artistic ways to engage our greater interconnection and show our basic oneness. This unites me with other people and helps all of us attain greater joy.

For example, years ago I had a profound insight. “How can I love all things in this world with a bountiful heart while still having a small sense of loathing about myself? Even such a tiny separation negates the entire truth of my compassion.” I used to identify with my inner critical and unloving voice. This voice lied to me, constantly pointing out my inadequacy, not my potential and how I might thrive. Today, I see that my thinking can be either a blessing or a curse. My thoughts do not define me; however they may confine me.

My basic freedom is my ability to make wise choices. How can I best go forth without causing harm? How can I cultivate grace and beauty? Asking the right questions can help me do this. For example, what limits or boundaries could I concentrate on, in order to lessen my distraction, and stimulate the attraction of a better situation?

Paramount to my progress is asking the best questions. If success is tied to both communication and relationship, how can I listen more closely, so that I could repeat back the words that have been shared?

How can I better show up to fully experience what is happening? How to see the blessing hidden inside whatever grey cloud or misfortune may come my way, generating gratitude and enthusiasm? What brings greater light into my life? What is my plan/intention? How do I pay attention to my intention? What gives me more grace and less stress? How can I fully show up to this gift of presence? What lessens the drama in my life and maximizes the fun of it?

My prosperity and happiness are closely tied how I answer these questions above. Advancing my highest potential has a direct relationship to my very well being.

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