Re-gain faclitates new possiblitiies, purpose and potential.  We shift our clients' perspective thus reframing their attitude which allows them to excel in any given circumstance.  Such a simple shift in how we see our situation can greatly open new opportunities and well being. This is about renewing and restructuring a mind-set that no longer serves you or your organization and making the best out of whatever comes your way.  Re-gain assists you to transform both yourself and your organization to a higher level of performance. 

Why Re-Gain?


We go to the very heart of coaching people to attain their greater purpose and higher potential.  Optimize your best so that you lessen your loss and re-gain new possibilities, potential and purpose.

Rob Arner provides consulting which covers:

  • Transition coaching that assists people move on from a past job, relationship or loss

  • Research and develop new measures to improve wellness and a client's quality of life

  • Motivating beneficial life changes to achieve greater future results

Re-gain utilizes Rob's own life experience of loss to finding his/her higher potential.  This program: helps clients to

  • Re-store new opportunities and growth

  • Re-build new community and collective sharing

  • Re-connect with people, places and things

  • Re-claim future prospects





Services include private consultations and group coaching and a three step process is where Rob transmutes work into play called ART (Accept, Re-gain, Transform)


  • Accept - Discern and Identify where and what you have now and fully understand your higher possibilities

  • Re-gain -  Make the vital steps to plan, develop and actualize your higher purpose

  • Transform - Act by being a change agent creating widening circles of higher potential

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